How Scary Is the Movie Hush?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, or thrillers, then you might have come across the movie Hush. This 2016 movie has been creating quite a buzz since its release.

Directed by Mike Flanagan, this movie is about a deaf writer who lives alone in the woods and is stalked by a masked killer. But how scary is this movie really? Let’s dive in and find out!

Plot Summary

The movie revolves around Maddie, a deaf writer who has moved into an isolated cabin in the woods to focus on her writing. One night, she finds herself being stalked by a masked man who starts playing games with her. Maddie soon realizes that she needs to fight for her survival against this ruthless killer.

The Horror Factor

The concept of being stalked by an unknown person is enough to make anyone feel scared, but what makes Hush unique is the fact that Maddie is deaf. Throughout the movie, we are given an insight into how Maddie perceives sound and how her disability plays a significant role in the plot.

The use of sound, or lack thereof, adds to the tension and suspense in the film. The audience can hear everything that’s happening outside of Maddie’s perspective while she remains oblivious to it. This creates a sense of helplessness for both Maddie and the viewer.

The Killer

The masked killer in Hush has been described as one of the scariest villains in recent times. He doesn’t have any backstory or motive; he’s just pure evil. The fact that he wears a mask throughout the entire film adds to his unsettling presence.

Additionally, there are several scenes where he toys with Maddie and tries to lure her out of her house. These moments are intense and nerve-wracking.

Gore Factor

While Hush is undoubtedly a horror movie, it’s not overly gory or violent. There are a few scenes that might make you cringe, but for the most part, the violence is minimal.

Final Verdict

Hush is a well-made horror movie that relies on tension and suspense rather than jump scares and gore. The use of sound and the killer’s unsettling presence make it a frightening experience. However, if you’re someone who prefers excessive gore or jumps scares, then Hush might not be the right fit for you.

Overall, I highly recommend giving Hush a watch if you haven’t already. Just be prepared to feel scared and tense throughout the entire movie!