How Scary Is Roohi Movie?

If you are a fan of horror movies, then you must have heard of the latest Bollywood horror-comedy movie called ‘Roohi’. This movie has been the talk of the town ever since its release.

But the question remains, how scary is Roohi movie? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Plot

Roohi is a story about a small town in India that is haunted by a witch who kidnaps brides on their wedding day. The witch’s name is Afza and she possesses a girl named Roohi. The movie follows two friends, Bhawra and Kattanni, who kidnap Roohi to make some money but end up getting caught up in the witch’s curse.

The Scare Factor

Roohi is marketed as a horror-comedy movie and it lives up to its genre. The movie has its fair share of creepy moments but it also has many comedic moments that balance out the scariness. The jump scares are well-timed and keep you on edge throughout the movie.

The Witch

Afza, the witch, is terrifying to look at with her long hair covering her face and her eerie voice. However, her backstory is revealed towards the end of the movie which takes away from her scare factor.

The Comedy

The comedy in Roohi comes mostly from Bhawra and Kattanni’s antics and their interactions with each other. Their chemistry on screen is delightful to watch and provides some much-needed relief from all the tension.


Overall, Roohi strikes a balance between horror and comedy which makes it an enjoyable watch for both fans of horror movies as well as those who prefer lighter entertainment. While it may not be one of the scariest movies out there, it certainly has its moments that will leave you feeling spooked.

If you haven’t watched Roohi yet, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!