How Scary Is Malignant Movie?

Are you a horror movie fan? Do you love to get scared and thrilled while watching a movie? If yes, then the latest horror movie ‘Malignant’ might be the perfect fit for you.

Directed by James Wan, this movie has created quite a buzz in the horror genre. But, how scary is Malignant? Let’s find out.


Malignant follows the story of Madison Mitchell (played by Annabelle Wallis), who starts experiencing terrifying visions of gruesome murders. As she tries to unravel the mystery behind these visions, she realizes that her reality is not what it seems. The plot takes twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


One thing that sets ‘Malignant’ apart from other horror movies is its unique visual style. James Wan’s signature style of using camera angles and lighting to create a creepy atmosphere is evident throughout the movie. The use of shadows and darkness adds to the overall eerie vibe.

Jump Scares

Jump scares are an essential aspect of any horror movie, and Malignant does not disappoint in this department. The sudden loud noises and unexpected appearances will make you jump out of your seat.


If you are someone who cannot handle excessive violence or gore, then Malignant might not be for you. This movie features some graphic scenes that might make even hardcore horror fans cringe.

Overall Scare Factor

In conclusion, Malignant is undoubtedly one of the scariest movies released this year. Its unique plot, visually stunning scenes, jump scares, and gore factor create an overall hair-raising experience for the viewers.

If you are looking for a horror movie that will leave you feeling terrified long after it’s over, then Malignant should be on your watch list. Just make sure to watch it with the lights on!