How Scary Is La Llorona Movie?

Are you a fan of horror movies? If so, you may have heard of the recent release of the film La Llorona.

This movie is based on the Mexican folklore of a woman who drowned her children and now roams the earth searching for them. But just how scary is this movie? Let’s take a closer look.

The Plot

La Llorona follows the story of Anna Garcia, a social worker in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Anna and her family become entangled in the curse of La Llorona after she unknowingly brings it home with her from a case she was working on. The ghostly figure begins to terrorize Anna’s family, especially her two young children, who are now in grave danger.

The Atmosphere

One of the most frightening aspects of La Llorona is its atmosphere. From the very beginning, there’s an eerie feeling that something is lurking just out of sight.

The use of dim lighting and shadows throughout the film adds to this sense of dread. This atmosphere is especially effective during scenes when La Llorona appears out of nowhere to terrorize her victims.

The Jumpscares

As with any horror movie, jumpscares are an essential element to keep audiences on edge. La Llorona doesn’t disappoint in this aspect either. From sudden loud noises to unexpected appearances by La Llorona herself, this movie has plenty of jump scares that will make you jump out of your seat.

The Acting

The acting in La Llorona is impressive, especially by Linda Cardellini who plays Anna Garcia. She portrays the fear and desperation that comes with being haunted by an evil spirit convincingly. The child actors also deliver strong performances that make their characters’ peril all too real.

Overall Rating

So, just how scary is La Llorona? While the film may not be the most terrifying horror movie out there, it definitely has its moments.

The atmosphere and jumpscares are effective, and the acting is solid. Overall, if you’re a fan of horror movies and enjoy a good scare, La Llorona is definitely worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, La Llorona is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its eerie atmosphere, well-placed jump scares, and strong acting performances, it’s sure to satisfy horror fans. However, if you’re someone who is easily scared or doesn’t enjoy horror movies in general, this might not be the movie for you.