How Scary Is Deep Water Movie?

Deep Water is a psychological thriller movie that was released in 2021. It is directed by Adrian Lyne and stars Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, and Tracy Letts.

The movie revolves around a married couple, Vic and Melinda Van Allen, who have an open relationship. As their relationship starts to deteriorate, they become involved in a series of dangerous mind games that lead to deadly consequences.

The Plot

The movie starts with Vic and Melinda Van Allen living in a small town in New Orleans. They have been married for several years but their relationship has become stagnant.

In an attempt to spice things up, they decide to have an open relationship. However, as they start dating other people, they become jealous and possessive of each other.

The Suspense

The suspense in Deep Water is palpable from the beginning. The viewer is constantly on edge as the plot unfolds.

The mind games that Vic and Melinda play with each other are unsettling and unnerving. As the tension builds, the viewer is left wondering what will happen next.

The Thrills

Deep Water is full of thrilling moments that keep the viewer engaged throughout the movie. There are car chases, fight scenes, and even a murder mystery that keeps the viewer guessing until the end.

How Scary Is Deep Water?

Deep Water isn’t a horror movie but it does have its moments of suspense and thrill. The mind games played by Vic and Melinda can be unsettling at times but they aren’t necessarily scary. However, there are moments when the viewer is left wondering what will happen next which can be nerve-wracking.

The Psychological Aspect

The psychological aspect of Deep Water is what makes it truly scary. The characters are complex and their motivations aren’t always clear which adds to the suspense. The mind games played by Vic and Melinda are disturbing and can make the viewer feel uneasy.

The Violence

There is some violence in Deep Water which can be disturbing for some viewers. The murder mystery subplot in the movie is particularly violent and gruesome.


Deep Water is a thrilling psychological thriller that keeps the viewer engaged throughout the movie. While it isn’t necessarily scary, the mind games played by the characters can be unsettling at times. The violence in the movie may be too much for some viewers but overall, it is a well-crafted movie that is worth watching.