How Scary Is Body Cam Movie?

Body Cam is a 2020 horror-thriller movie directed by Malik Vitthal and starring Mary J. Blige, Nat Wolff, and David Zayas. The movie follows the story of a police officer who witnessed her colleagues being killed under mysterious circumstances. She then discovers that there is an evil entity behind these murders, which is linked to a traumatic event from her past.

So, how scary is Body Cam?

Well, the answer to this question depends on what scares you the most. If you are someone who gets scared easily by jump scares and creepy visuals, then Body Cam might not be the best choice for you. However, if you are a fan of horror movies that rely on suspense and atmosphere to create fear, then you might enjoy this movie.

The Plot

The plot of Body Cam revolves around police brutality and racism, which makes it all the more relevant in today’s times. The movie starts with an intense scene where we see a police officer shooting an unarmed black man. This event sets the tone for the rest of the movie as we see how it affects the lives of those involved.

The Atmosphere

One thing that sets Body Cam apart from other horror movies is its atmosphere. The movie creates a sense of dread right from the start with its dark and moody cinematography. The use of sound is also effective in building tension as we hear eerie whispers and creaks in the background.

The Performances

Mary J. Blige delivers a strong performance as Renee Lomito-Smith, the protagonist of the movie. She portrays her character’s trauma and vulnerability convincingly, making us root for her throughout the film. Nat Wolff also does a good job as Danny Holledge, Renee’s partner who helps her investigate the murders.

The Horror Elements

Body Cam has its fair share of horror elements, including jump scares and creepy visuals. However, it relies more on suspense and atmosphere to create fear. The movie also explores themes of guilt and redemption, which adds a layer of depth to the horror elements.

The Verdict

In conclusion, Body Cam is a well-made horror-thriller that explores relevant themes while still delivering scares. It might not be the scariest movie out there, but it definitely has its moments. If you are a fan of horror movies that rely on atmosphere and suspense, then Body Cam is definitely worth checking out.

  • Pros: Strong performances, relevant themes, effective atmosphere.
  • Cons: Some cliched horror elements.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised as the movie contains scenes of violence and gore.