How Old Was Marlon Wayans in Scary Movie?

If you’re a fan of the Scary Movie franchise, you might have wondered how old Marlon Wayans was when he starred in the first film. Marlon Wayans is a talented comedian and actor known for his roles in various movies and TV shows. In this article, we will explore Marlon Wayans’ age when he played the character of Shorty Meeks in Scary Movie.

Marlon Wayans: A Brief Introduction

Marlon Wayans was born on July 23, 1972, in New York City, New York. He is the youngest of ten siblings and belongs to a family of entertainers. His parents are Howell Wayans and Elvira Wayans, who were both involved in the entertainment industry.

Marlon began his career as a comedian and made his acting debut in 1988 with a small role in the movie I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. He gained fame after co-creating and starring in The WB sitcom The Wayans Bros., alongside his brother Shawn.

Scary Movie: A Brief Overview

Scary Movie is a 2000 American horror comedy film directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans and written by Shawn and Marlon Wayans. The movie is a parody of popular horror films such as Scream (1996), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), The Blair Witch Project (1999), and others.

Marlon played the character of Shorty Meeks, one of the main characters in the movie. Shorty is portrayed as an enthusiastic but clueless stoner who often makes inappropriate comments at inappropriate times.

Marlon Wayans’ Age During Scary Movie

So how old was Marlon Wayans when he played the role of Shorty Meeks? Scary Movie was released on July 7, 2000, when Marlon was 27 years old. He was born on July 23, 1972, and the movie was released just a few weeks before his 28th birthday.

Marlon’s portrayal of Shorty Meeks in Scary Movie was well-received by audiences and critics alike. His comedic timing and delivery of hilarious one-liners made him a fan favorite. The movie grossed over $278 million worldwide, making it a commercial success.


In conclusion, Marlon Wayans was 27 years old when he played the role of Shorty Meeks in Scary Movie. The movie marked a turning point in his career and solidified his position as a talented comedian and actor.

If you haven’t watched Scary Movie yet, we highly recommend it for a good laugh. And if you’re already a fan of Marlon Wayans, make sure to check out some of his other movies and TV shows for more entertainment.