How Old Was Burt Reynolds in the Last Movie Star?

Burt Reynolds, a legendary actor, was known for his charismatic personality and undeniable talent. He was an icon in the film industry and left a lasting legacy of incredible performances.

One of his last movies that he starred in before he passed away was The Last Movie Star. Fans have often wondered about his age during the making of this movie. So, how old was Burt Reynolds in The Last Movie Star?

Background Information

Before we delve into Burt Reynolds’ age during The Last Movie Star, let’s take a brief look at the movie itself. The Last Movie Star is a drama film that premiered in 2017. The story follows an aging Hollywood actor named Vic Edwards, who is played by none other than Burt Reynolds himself.

The movie explores Vic’s journey as he comes to terms with his fading fame and mortality while being honored at a film festival in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a poignant tale that showcases the challenges faced by many celebrities as they age.

Burt Reynolds’ Age During The Last Movie Star

Burt Reynolds was born on February 11th, 1936, which means he started working on The Last Movie Star when he was around 80 years old. However, the filming of the movie took place over a period of several months from August to November of 2016.

Therefore, it can be safely assumed that Burt Reynolds was around 81 years old during most of the filming of The Last Movie Star. This makes his performance all the more remarkable since it showcases his incredible talent even at an advanced age.


In conclusion, Burt Reynolds was approximately 81 years old during most of the filming of The Last Movie Star. Despite his age and declining health at the time, he gave a stunning performance that resonated with audiences worldwide.

The Last Movie Star serves as a testament to Burt Reynolds’ talent and dedication to his craft. It is a movie that will forever be remembered as one of his last and most poignant performances.