How Much Is Video Editing Per Hour?

Are you thinking about hiring a video editor for your next project, but wondering how much it will cost you per hour? The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as it depends on various factors. In this article, we will discuss the different variables that can affect the hourly rate of a video editor.

Experience and Skill Level

One of the most significant factors that can influence the hourly rate of a video editor is their experience and skill level. Generally, more experienced editors with advanced skills will charge more per hour than those who are just starting in the industry.

If you’re looking for basic editing work such as cutting and trimming footage or adding simple transitions, you might be able to find an editor with less experience who charges around $50-$75 per hour. However, if you require more complex editing work such as color correction or visual effects, expect to pay anywhere from $100-$250 per hour for an experienced professional.

Type of Video Project

The type of video project you want to create can also impact the hourly rate of a video editor. If it’s a short promotional video for social media or YouTube, the hourly rate may be relatively lower than if you’re working on a full-length feature film or documentary.

For example:

  • A short social media clip may cost around $50-$150 per hour.
  • A corporate video could cost between $75-$200 per hour.
  • A full-length feature film could cost upwards of $250 per hour due to its complexity and length.


Another factor that affects the hourly rate of a video editor is their location. Editors working in major cities such as New York or Los Angeles may charge higher rates due to the higher cost of living in these areas. On the other hand, editors working in smaller towns or less expensive cities may charge lower hourly rates.

Equipment and Software

The equipment and software a video editor uses can also impact their hourly rate. Editors who use high-end equipment and software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro can charge more per hour than those using basic editing software.

  • An editor using basic editing software may charge around $50-$100 per hour.
  • An editor using advanced software and equipment could charge upwards of $200 per hour.


The hourly rate of a video editor depends on various factors such as experience, skill level, type of video project, location, and equipment/software used. It’s essential to keep these variables in mind when searching for a video editor to ensure you receive the best quality work within your budget.