How Much Is Adobe Video Editing?

If you’re looking to up your video editing game, Adobe is a name that’s probably come up more than once. Adobe’s video editing software, Premiere Pro, is a popular choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. But how much does it cost to use Adobe video editing?

Adobe Premiere Pro Subscription Plans
Adobe offers two main subscription plans for Premiere Pro: the annual plan or the monthly plan. The annual plan costs $239.88 per year, which breaks down to $19.99 per month. The monthly plan costs $31.49 per month.

Note: These prices are accurate as of October 2021 and are subject to change.

What’s Included in the Subscription?

The subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro includes access to the software on both Mac and PC platforms, as well as access to updates and new features as they are released by Adobe.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

While the subscription fee covers access to Premiere Pro, there may be additional costs depending on your needs.

1. Creative Cloud Subscription
In order to use Premiere Pro, you’ll need a Creative Cloud subscription, which starts at $20.99 per month for individuals.

2. Plugins and Add-Ons
There are also numerous third-party plugins and add-ons available for Premiere Pro that can enhance your editing capabilities further. Some of these plugins can be quite expensive but can add valuable tools to your workflow.

3. Computer Requirements
To run Premiere Pro smoothly, you’ll need a powerful computer with high-end specifications such as a dedicated graphics card, large storage space and RAM capacity which could also add up in additional costs if you don’t already have them.

Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, whether or not Adobe video editing is worth it depends on your specific needs and budget. If you’re a professional video editor, the cost is likely justified by the software’s capabilities and its industry-standard status. However, if you’re just starting out or editing videos as a hobby, the cost may be too high.


So how much is Adobe video editing? The subscription fee for Adobe Premiere Pro ranges from $19.99 to $31.49 per month, depending on whether you choose the annual or monthly plan.

There may be additional costs for Creative Cloud subscriptions, plugins and add-ons, and computer requirements. Ultimately, whether or not it’s worth it depends on your specific needs and budget.