How Much Is a RED Video Camera?

If you’re someone who’s interested in videography, you’ve probably heard of RED cameras. These cameras have become increasingly popular over the years and are known for their high-quality footage and exceptional image resolution.

However, with such advanced technology comes a hefty price tag. In this article, we’ll explore the question on everyone’s mind – how much is a RED video camera?

What is a RED Camera?

Before we dive into the cost of a RED camera, let’s first discuss what it actually is. A RED camera is a digital cinema camera that was first introduced by RED Digital Cinema in 2007. These cameras are used primarily for filming movies, television shows, and commercials due to their exceptional image quality.

RED cameras use a unique sensor technology that allows them to capture footage at resolutions much higher than traditional cameras. This results in incredibly detailed and sharp footage that can be manipulated in post-production without losing quality.

How Much Does a RED Camera Cost?

Now, onto the big question – how much does a RED camera cost? Well, the answer isn’t exactly straightforward as there are several different models available at varying price points.

The cheapest option is the RED DSMC2 BRAIN – Woven CF which starts at around $15,000 USD. However, keep in mind that this price does not include any additional accessories or lenses.

If you’re looking for something more advanced with better features and capabilities, you’ll need to be prepared to spend significantly more money. The top-of-the-line model – the RED Ranger Monstro 8K VV – starts at around $80,000 USD.

It’s important to note that these prices only include the base model of each camera and do not include any additional accessories or lenses that you may need for your specific shoot.

Factors That Affect Price

There are several factors that can affect the cost of a RED camera. These include:

  • The model of the camera
  • The resolution of the camera
  • The frame rate capabilities of the camera
  • The accessories and lenses needed for your specific shoot

Is a RED Camera Worth the Investment?

With such a high price tag, it’s natural to question whether a RED camera is worth the investment. The answer ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

If you’re someone who frequently films movies, television shows, or commercials, then a RED camera may be a worthwhile investment as it will allow you to capture footage at an incredibly high resolution.

However, if you’re just starting out in videography or only film occasionally, it may not be worth the investment as there are several more affordable options available that still produce high-quality footage.


In conclusion, the cost of a RED video camera can vary greatly depending on the model and additional accessories needed for your specific shoot. While these cameras are known for their exceptional image quality, they come with a hefty price tag that may not be worth it for everyone. Ultimately, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget before making any investment in videography equipment.