How Is Ray in Scary Movie 2?

Ray Wilkins is a fictional character in the horror-comedy film, Scary Movie 2. He is one of the main characters and is played by actor Shawn Wayans. Ray is a college student who gets caught up in a series of terrifying events after he and his friends decide to spend a weekend in a haunted house.

The Role of Ray in Scary Movie 2

Ray is one of the most memorable characters in Scary Movie 2, mostly due to his comic timing and witty one-liners. Throughout the movie, he finds himself in various scary situations but manages to keep his humor intact.

One of the most notable scenes involving Ray is when he attempts to exorcise the demon from Father McFeely. In this scene, Ray uses his breakdancing skills to perform an impromptu dance routine that ends up driving out the demon.

Ray’s Relationships with Other Characters

Ray has several key relationships with other characters in the film that help drive the plot forward. For example, he has a romantic interest in Brenda Meeks (played by Regina Hall), and their flirtatious banter provides some much-needed comic relief throughout the movie.

He also has a close friendship with Shorty Meeks (played by Marlon Wayans), and together they form a dynamic duo that often gets into trouble but always manages to find their way out of it.

Ray’s Personality Traits

Ray’s personality can be described as funny, charismatic, and brave. He often takes charge when things get intense and isn’t afraid to put himself in harm’s way for the greater good. His sense of humor helps lighten the mood even during some of the darkest moments in the film.

  • Charismatic: Ray has an infectious personality that makes him likable to everyone around him.
  • Brave: Even when faced with terrifying situations, Ray doesn’t back down and is always willing to take charge.
  • Funny: Ray’s humor is one of his most defining traits. He uses it to diffuse tense situations and keep morale high.

In Conclusion

Ray Wilkins is a standout character in Scary Movie 2. His humor, bravery, and charismatic personality make him a fan-favorite among viewers. Whether he’s breakdancing to exorcise a demon or cracking jokes during a tense moment, Ray always manages to bring levity to the situation.