How Does the First Scary Movie Start?

Have you ever wondered how the first scary movie started? Horror movies have become a staple of our entertainment industry, but it all began with one movie that paved the way for the genre. In this article, we will take a closer look at how the first scary movie started.

The First Scary Movie

The first scary movie ever made was called “Le Manoir du Diable” or “The Haunted Castle,” which was released in 1896. This silent film was only three minutes long and directed by Georges Méliès. It may seem outdated now, but it was groundbreaking for its time and laid the foundation for modern horror movies.

The Plot

“The Haunted Castle” tells the story of a group of people who visit a castle where they encounter various supernatural occurrences. The plot may seem simple, but it was enough to scare audiences back in 1896.

The First Scary Scene

The first scary scene in “The Haunted Castle” is when a bat transforms into the devil himself. This scene was shocking for audiences back then as they had never seen anything like it before. The use of special effects and makeup made it even more terrifying.

The Impact on Horror Movies

“The Haunted Castle” set the standard for horror movies that followed. It introduced many tropes that are still used today, such as jump scares, supernatural elements, and suspenseful music. Without this film, we may not have had classics like “Psycho,” “Halloween,” or even modern horror movies like “Get Out.”


In conclusion, “The Haunted Castle” may seem primitive by today’s standards, but it was an important milestone in cinema history. It started a whole new genre of movies that continue to keep us on edge even today.

The first scary scene in “The Haunted Castle” was groundbreaking and set the tone for horror movies that followed. It’s safe to say that without this film, our entertainment industry wouldn’t be the same.