How Do You Wake Up Dead Scary Movie Scene?

Have you ever heard of the infamous “wake up dead” scene from the horror-comedy movie Scary Movie? This scene has become a pop culture phenomenon and has been referenced in various TV shows and movies. In this article, we will discuss what this scene is all about and why it became so popular.

The Wake Up Dead Scene

The “wake up dead” scene is a parody of the horror movie genre. The scene begins with Cindy Campbell, the main character, receiving a prank call from Ghostface, the iconic villain from the Scream franchise. The caller tells her that she will “wake up dead” and hangs up.

Later that night, Cindy’s friend Brenda is watching TV when she hears strange noises coming from outside. She goes to investigate and sees Ghostface standing in the backyard. She runs back into the house, but Ghostface follows her inside.

Brenda hides under the covers of her bed while Ghostface slowly approaches her. Just as he is about to attack her, Brenda suddenly wakes up and realizes it was all just a nightmare.

But as she catches her breath and settles back into bed, Ghostface pops out from under the covers next to her, revealing that it was not just a dream after all.

Why Did This Scene Become So Popular?

The “wake up dead” scene became popular because it plays on common horror movie tropes while also adding a comedic twist. It subverts our expectations by making us think that everything is okay before hitting us with one final scare.

Additionally, the scene showcases the film’s self-awareness and its willingness to poke fun at other movies in the genre. It also highlights its use of familiar horror movie elements such as jump scares and eerie music.

Overall, the “wake up dead” scene has become an iconic moment in Scary Movie history and continues to be referenced in popular culture today.


The “wake up dead” scene is just one example of how Scary Movie successfully combines horror and comedy to create a unique and memorable viewing experience. Its use of familiar horror movie tropes and willingness to poke fun at the genre has made it a fan favorite and cultural phenomenon.

So the next time you hear someone say “wake up dead,” you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.