How Do You Wake Up Dead in Scary Movie 3?

Have you ever seen the horror-comedy film Scary Movie 3? If so, you might remember the hilarious scene where a character named George wakes up dead.

Yes, you read that right – he wakes up dead! But how is that even possible? Let’s dive into the details.

Setting the Scene

The movie Scary Movie 3 is a parody of several horror films, including The Ring and Signs. In one of the scenes, George (played by Simon Rex) wakes up in his bed feeling a bit dazed. Suddenly, he realizes that something is off – he can see his own body lying next to him!

How George Wakes Up Dead

As it turns out, George had accidentally smoked some contaminated marijuana before going to bed. This led to him slipping into a coma during the night and dying in his sleep. However, his spirit remained in the room and witnessed his dead body lying next to him.

The Humor Behind It

The concept of waking up dead might seem absurd and impossible in real life, but it’s precisely this type of over-the-top humor that makes Scary Movie 3 so entertaining. By taking an outlandish premise and playing it straight-faced, the film creates a sense of comedic tension that keeps viewers engaged.


In summary, George wakes up dead in Scary Movie 3 because he accidentally smoked contaminated marijuana and slipped into a coma during the night. While this may seem like an impossible scenario in real life, it’s precisely this type of absurdity that makes for great comedy in films like Scary Movie 3.

  • Key Takeaways:
  • -George wakes up dead due to contaminated marijuana.
  • -Scary Movie 3 uses absurd humor to keep viewers engaged.
  • -The film is a parody of several horror movies.