How Do You Voice Over a Video on Camera Roll?

Are you looking to add a voiceover to a video that’s already saved on your camera roll? This can be a great way to add your own personal touch to videos that you’ve already captured. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps of adding a voiceover to a video on your camera roll.

Step 1: Choose Your Video Editing App

The first step is to choose an app for editing your video. There are many different options available, both free and paid. Some popular choices include iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush, and FilmoraGo.

Tip: When selecting an app, make sure it supports adding voiceovers to videos.

Step 2: Import Your Video into the App

Once you’ve chosen your app, it’s time to import your video. Open the app and find the option to import media from your camera roll. Select the video you want to add a voiceover to and import it into the app.

Step 3: Record Your Voiceover

Now it’s time to record your voiceover. Most apps will have an option for recording audio directly within the app. Look for a microphone icon or something similar.

Press the record button and start speaking into your device’s microphone. Make sure you speak clearly and at an even volume throughout the recording.

Tip: If you’re not happy with your first attempt, don’t worry! Most apps allow you to re-record as many times as necessary until you get it just right.

Step 4: Add Your Voiceover to the Video

Once you’re happy with your recording, it’s time to add it to your video. Find the option within the app for adding audio or voiceovers and select your recorded clip.

Most apps will allow you to adjust the timing of when your voiceover plays in relation to the video. You can experiment with different timings until you find the right fit.

Step 5: Save and Export Your Video

After you’ve added your voiceover, it’s time to save and export your video. Find the option within the app for exporting or sharing your video, and select your desired file format and quality settings.

Once you’ve saved your video, it will be ready to share with others or post on social media!

Tip: Before exporting, make sure to preview your video to ensure everything looks and sounds just as you intended.

In Conclusion

Adding a voiceover to a video on your camera roll can be a great way to personalize your content. By following these simple steps, you can easily add a professional-sounding voiceover to any of your videos. So go ahead and give it a try – we’re sure you’ll love the results!