How Do You Save a Triller Video to Camera Roll Without Watermark?

Triller is a popular social media app that lets you create and share short-form videos with your friends and followers. It’s a fun way to showcase your creativity and talent, but the app adds a watermark to every video you create. If you want to save your Triller video to your camera roll without the watermark, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Create Your Triller Video

The first step is to create the Triller video that you want to save without the watermark. Open the Triller app on your phone and select “Create Video” from the main menu. Choose a song or sound from the library and start recording your video by tapping and holding down the record button.

You can add various effects, filters, and text overlays to make your video more engaging. Once you’re done recording, click on “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Use a Screen Recording Tool

To save your Triller video without a watermark, you’ll need to use a screen recording tool that lets you record what’s happening on your phone screen. There are many screen recording apps available for both Android and iOS devices.

For iOS users, there’s a built-in screen recording feature that you can enable in the Control Center. To do this, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and add “Screen Recording” to your control center. Once enabled, open Control Center and tap on the screen recording icon to start recording.

For Android users, there are many third-party screen recording apps available on Google Play Store such as AZ Screen Recorder or DU Recorder.

Step 3: Record Your Triller Video

Once you have a screen recording tool ready, play your Triller video again from within the app. When it starts playing, start recording your phone screen using the tool.

Make sure that you don’t have any notifications or pop-ups on your screen while recording, as they may appear in your final video. Also, make sure that the audio is not muted and the volume is turned up.

Step 4: Save Your Recorded Video

Once you’re done recording your Triller video, stop the screen recording tool and save the recorded video to your camera roll. You should now have a copy of your Triller video without the watermark.

You can edit the recorded video further using any video editing app to trim or add effects if required. You can also share it with your friends on social media platforms or other messaging apps.


Saving a Triller video without a watermark is easy if you follow these steps. Using a screen recording tool is an effective way to capture your Triller videos without having to worry about watermarks. With this method, you can create and share high-quality videos with your friends and followers without any distractions.