How Do You Remove Editing From a Video?

Have you ever made a mistake while editing a video and wished to remove the editing entirely? It can be frustrating to realize that your hard work has gone to waste, but don’t worry! There are several ways to remove editing from a video.

Option 1: Use Undo/Redo

If you have just made an edit and want to undo it, you can simply use the undo/redo feature in your video editing software. The undo/redo feature allows you to go back and forth through your edits, so you can easily remove any changes that you have made.


1. Open the video in your editing software. 2. Locate the edit that you want to remove.

3. Use the undo button (usually located in the toolbar or under the Edit menu) or press Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac) on your keyboard. 4. If necessary, use the redo button (usually located next to the undo button) or press Ctrl + Y (Windows) or Command + Y (Mac) on your keyboard to reapply any edits that you removed.

Option 2: Start Over

If you have made many edits and want to remove all of them at once, starting over may be your best option.

1. Make a copy of your original video file so that you don’t lose it. Open the copy in your editing software. Delete all of the edits that you have made. Start over with a fresh edit.

Option 3: Use an Unedited Version of Your Video

If you no longer have access to your original unedited video file, but still want to remove all of the edits, there is still hope!

1. Search for an unedited version of your video on your computer or cloud storage. If you don’t have an unedited version, try searching for a backup copy or asking anyone you may have shared the video with. Once you have located an unedited version of your video, open it in your editing software.

Option 4: Hire a Professional

If you are not comfortable with any of the above options, or if you simply don’t have the time to deal with it, consider hiring a professional video editor. A professional editor can quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted edits from your video. Research and choose a reputable video editing service or freelancer.

Provide them with your edited video and let them know which edits you want removed. 3. Wait for them to complete the job and provide you with the revised video.

In conclusion, removing editing from a video can be done in several ways depending on your situation and preferences. Whether it’s using undo/redo feature, starting over, using an unedited version of your video, or hiring a professional, there is always a solution available to help you rectify your mistake and get back on track!