How Do You Put a Video on YouTube From Your Camera?

So, you just shot a video on your camera and now you want to share it with the world on YouTube? It’s easier than ever before to upload videos to YouTube from your camera and share them with the world. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of uploading a video from your camera to YouTube.

Step 1: Transfer Your Video From Camera to Computer

First things first, you need to transfer the video from your camera to your computer. Connect your camera to the computer using a USB cable and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Once connected, open your camera’s file folder and locate the video file that you want to upload.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Account

To upload a video on YouTube, you need an account. If you don’t already have one, head over to and create an account for free. Once signed in, click on the “Upload” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Upload Your Video

Now it’s time to upload your video! Click on “Select files” and find the video file that you transferred from your camera to your computer in step one. You can also drag and drop or copy and paste it into this area.

Adding Video Information

Once uploaded, add information about your video such as title, description, tags, category, etc. This information makes it easier for people to find and search for your content on YouTube.

Updating Privacy Settings

You can select whether you want your video public or private. Public videos can be viewed by anyone while private videos are only visible by people you specify.

Publishing Your Video

When everything is set up according to what suits you the most, click on the “Publish” button to make your video live on YouTube.

Step 4: Share Your Video

Congratulations! Your video is now live on YouTube. Share the link to your video with your friends, family, or anyone else you think might be interested in watching it.

Final Thoughts

Uploading videos from your camera to YouTube is a simple process that anyone can do. With these easy-to-follow steps, you can share your footage with anyone in the world and even start building a following.

Remember to always add information about your videos so people can find them easily and enjoy watching them. Happy uploading!