How Do You Place a Camera for Cooking Video?

Cooking videos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They provide a step-by-step guide to preparing meals and can be a great source of inspiration for those looking to try something new in the kitchen.

However, one aspect that is often overlooked when creating these videos is the placement of the camera. In this article, we will discuss how to properly place a camera for cooking video.

Why is camera placement important?

When filming a cooking video, it’s important to keep in mind that the audience needs to see what you’re doing. If the camera is too far away or at the wrong angle, viewers may miss important steps or details. On the other hand, if the camera is too close or shaky, it can be distracting and make it difficult to follow along.

Consider your workspace

Before you start filming, take a look at your workspace and think about where you’ll be doing most of the work. This will help you determine the best angle for your camera. Ideally, you want to position the camera so that it’s facing you but also captures what you’re doing with your hands.

Use a tripod

To ensure that your footage is stable and not shaky, use a tripod. This will also allow you to adjust the height of the camera as needed. If you don’t have a tripod, try stacking books or boxes on a table to prop up your camera.

Avoid obstructing objects

Make sure that there are no objects obstructing your view or blocking the camera’s line of sight. This includes anything on your workspace as well as any kitchen appliances or tools that may be in front of you.

Lighting is key

Good lighting is crucial for any video production, especially when it comes to cooking videos. Make sure that there is enough light in your workspace and that it’s evenly distributed. If possible, use natural light from a window or invest in some lighting equipment.

Test your setup

Before you start filming, do a test run to make sure that everything looks and sounds good. This will give you the opportunity to adjust the camera angle or lighting if needed.

  • Make sure the camera is level
  • Check for any distracting objects in the background
  • Ensure that your workspace is clean and organized
  • Test the sound quality to make sure it’s clear and audible


Proper camera placement is essential for creating a successful cooking video. By following these tips, you can ensure that your audience can see what you’re doing and follow along easily.

Remember to consider your workspace, use a tripod, avoid obstructing objects, pay attention to lighting, and test your setup before filming. With these steps in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating great cooking videos in no time!