How Do You Make a Video on a Vivitar Camera?

If you own a Vivitar camera, you may be wondering how to make a video with it. Fortunately, it’s a simple process that you can complete in just a few steps. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to create videos on your Vivitar camera.

Step 1: Powering on Your Camera

Before you can start recording, ensure your camera has enough battery life. Turn the power on by pressing and holding the power button until the camera’s screen lights up.

Step 2: Switching to Video Mode

Once your camera is powered on, switch to video mode by pressing the mode button until “Video” is displayed on the camera’s screen.

Step 3: Adjusting Settings

Before recording, adjust your camera settings. You can adjust features such as resolution and frame rate by pressing the menu button and navigating through the settings menu. Be sure to select settings that best suit your needs.

Step 4: Focusing Your Camera

To ensure clear footage, focus your camera before recording. You can do this by pointing your camera at the subject of your video and half-pressing down on the shutter button until it focuses.

Step 5: Recording Your Video

Once everything is set up, press down fully on the shutter button to start recording. Keep in mind that most Vivitar cameras have a time limit for recording videos, so be sure to keep an eye on how much time you have left.

Tips for Better Video Quality:

  • Use a tripod or stabilize your camera for steady shots.
  • Avoid using zoom while recording as it may decrease video quality.
  • Record in well-lit areas for better clarity.

Step 6: Stopping Your Recording

Once you’re done with your recording, press the shutter button again to stop recording. Your video will automatically be saved to your camera’s memory.


Now that you know how to create videos on your Vivitar camera, you can start capturing all of life’s special moments. With these simple steps and tips for better video quality, you’ll be creating stunning videos in no time.