How Do You Get Rid of Flickering When Filming a Monitor Screen With a Video Camera?

Filming a monitor screen with a video camera is a common practice in today’s digital world. However, it can be quite frustrating when you end up with footage that has flickering on the screen.

This issue can occur due to the difference in the refresh rates of your monitor and camera, interfering with each other. In this tutorial, we will discuss some effective ways to get rid of flickering when filming a monitor screen.

1. Adjusting the Camera Settings

The first step in eliminating flickering is to adjust your camera settings. A camera’s shutter speed and frame rate must match the refresh rate of your monitor to avoid any interference between them. The shutter speed should be twice the frequency of the electricity supply, i.e., 1/100 or 1/120 seconds for 50Hz and 60Hz respectively.

Here are some tips:

  • Set your camera’s frame rate and shutter speed to match your monitor refresh rate.
  • Use an anti-flicker filter if your camera supports it.
  • If possible, shoot at higher frame rates as it reduces flickering.

2. Adjusting Monitor Settings

Your monitor settings also play an important role in avoiding flickering while filming. The brightness and contrast levels of your screen can cause interference with the camera resulting in flickering on the footage.

  • Reduce brightness levels on your monitor.
  • Increase contrast levels slightly to reduce flickering.
  • Avoid using auto-brightness features on monitors as they can cause fluctuations that lead to interference with the camera.

3. Using an External Recorder

Using an external recorder is an excellent option to eliminate flickering on your footage. These recorders can capture the video directly from the graphics card or HDMI output, bypassing any interference between the monitor and camera.

  • Use an external recorder like Atomos Ninja V, Blackmagic Video Assist, or Aja Ki Pro.
  • Check if your camera has an HDMI output and connect it to an external recorder.
  • Record in ProRes or other high-quality formats that can enhance your footage.

4. Using a Polarizer Filter

A polarizer filter is a small accessory that can help eliminate flickering on your footage. It reduces reflections and light glare from the monitor screen, which can cause interference with the camera.

  • Purchase a polarizer filter for your lens size.
  • Attach it to your lens before filming to avoid any reflections.
  • Avoid using it excessively as it can lead to loss of image quality.

In conclusion, eliminating flickering when filming a monitor screen with a video camera requires careful consideration of various factors that cause interference between them. Adjusting camera settings, monitor settings, using an external recorder and polarizer filter can significantly reduce or eliminate flickering on your footage.