How Do You Export High Quality Video in Premiere?

Are you looking to export high quality videos in Adobe Premiere? Whether you’re a professional video editor or a beginner, exporting high quality videos is essential to get the best results for your projects. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to export high quality videos in Premiere using various settings and options available.

Step 1: Sequence Settings

Before exporting your video, it’s crucial to check your sequence settings. To do this, go to ‘Sequence’ from the top menu and select ‘Sequence Settings’.

Here, you can adjust the frame rate, resolution, and other settings according to your project requirements. Make sure that the sequence settings match the footage you’ve imported.

Step 2: Export Settings

After setting up your sequence correctly, it’s time to export your video. To do this, go to ‘File’ from the top menu and select ‘Export’ > ‘Media’. This will open up the Export Settings panel.


Choose the format that best suits your needs. For example, if you want a high-quality video with a small file size, choose H.264 as it provides excellent compression without compromising quality.


Selecting a preset is an easy way to get started with exporting. Choose one of the presets from the drop-down list that matches your desired output quality.

Output Name:

Give a name to your output file.

Output Location:

Choose where you want to save your exported file.

Step 3: Exporting

Once all of the settings are adjusted according to your preference, click on ‘Export’. The export process may take some time depending on various factors such as duration of footage and complexity of effects applied.

Bonus Tips

  • Bitrate: Higher bitrate results in better quality videos but larger file sizes. Adjust the bitrate according to your needs.
  • Resolution: Higher resolution results in better quality videos, but it may not be necessary if you’re exporting for smaller screens like smartphones.
  • Audio: Make sure to select the desired audio settings to ensure sound quality is maintained during export.


Exporting high-quality videos is an essential part of video editing. With Adobe Premiere, it’s easy to export videos with various options and settings available. By following our step-by-step guide, you can now export high-quality videos that are perfect for sharing on social media or other platforms.