How Do You Do Scary Movie Nights?

Are you looking for a spooktacular way to spend your weekend nights? Why not host a scary movie night with your friends or family!

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to gather together and watch some of the scariest movies out there. But how do you create the perfect atmosphere for a truly terrifying movie experience?

Step 1: Choose Your Movies
The first step in planning a scary movie night is to choose the right movies. You can either pick one or two really scary movies or have a marathon of horror films. Some great choices for horror movies include classics like The Exorcist and Psycho, as well as newer titles like Get Out and Hereditary.

Step 2: Set the Mood
Once you’ve chosen your movies, it’s time to set the mood. This means creating an eerie atmosphere that will make your guests feel like they’re in a horror movie themselves. You can achieve this by dimming the lights, lighting candles, and playing spooky music before and after each film.

Step 3: Snacks and Drinks
No movie night is complete without snacks and drinks! For a scary movie night, consider serving up some spooky treats like candy corn, popcorn mixed with Halloween candy, or even baking up some creepy cookies in the shape of ghosts or skulls. As for drinks, stick with something simple like soda or water.

Step 4: Dress Up
Take your scary movie night to the next level by encouraging your guests to dress up in their favorite horror movie costumes. This will create an even more immersive experience for everyone involved.

Step 5: Prepare for Screams
It’s important to remember that scary movies can be intense and may cause some guests to scream or jump in their seats. Make sure to prepare for this by having plenty of blankets on hand (for covering up), as well as tissues for wiping away tears.

Step 6: Discuss the Movies
After each film, take some time to discuss what you just watched. Talk about what scared you the most, what you thought of the storyline, and any other thoughts or feelings that came up during the movie. This will not only help everyone process their emotions but also add to the overall experience of scary movie night.

In conclusion, hosting a scary movie night can be a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends and family. By following these simple steps, you can create an atmosphere that will make your guests feel like they’re in a horror movie themselves. So pop some popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a scream-worthy night!