How Do I Use My Video Camera as a Microphone?

Are you tired of using a separate microphone for your video recordings? Did you know that you can use your video camera as a microphone?

Yes, it’s possible! In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to use your video camera as a microphone.

Step 1: Connect Your Camera to Your Computer

Firstly, connect your camera to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, turn on the camera and put it in “Playback” mode. This step is important because some cameras only allow audio output in playback mode.

Step 2: Configure Your Audio Settings

Open the audio settings on your computer and select the camera as the input device. You can do this by going to “Settings” > “Sound” > “Input” and selecting the camera from the list of available devices.


Make sure your camera is set to output audio through its USB port. You can check this setting in your camera’s manual or by navigating through its settings menu.

Step 3: Test Your Audio

Now that you have connected and configured everything, it’s time to test your audio. Open any recording software on your computer and start recording. Speak into the camera’s microphone and check if the audio levels are picking up sound.


Position your camera closer to the sound source for better audio quality. If possible, use an external microphone for even better results.


Using your video camera as a microphone is an easy way to record audio without having to purchase additional equipment. Just make sure that you have everything set up correctly before recording any important audio. With these simple steps, you can now start recording high-quality audio with just your video camera!