How Do I Upscale Video Quality in After Effects?

If you are working on a project that involves video editing, you may have come across the need to upscale the video quality. Upscaling refers to increasing the resolution of a video, which can be particularly useful if you want to improve the overall visual quality of your footage. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of upscaling video quality in After Effects.

Step 1: Import Your Footage

Firstly, launch After Effects and import the footage that you want to upscale. To do this, click on “File” in the top menu bar and select “Import”. Choose your file from its location and click “Open”.

Step 2: Create a New Composition

After importing your footage, create a new composition by clicking on “Composition” in the top menu bar and selecting “New Composition”. Make sure to set the resolution and frame rate according to your requirements.

Step 3: Add Your Footage to the New Composition

Drag and drop your imported footage into the newly created composition. You can also adjust its position if needed.

Step 4: Apply Upscale Effect

Select your footage layer in After Effects timeline panel, then navigate to “Effect Controls” panel. Find “Transform” effect and select it. In the dropdown list select “Fit To Comp Width” or “Fit To Comp Height” option depending on whether you want to increase its width or height respectively.


  • You can also achieve an upscale effect by using plugins such as Red Giant Instant 4K or Topaz Video Enhance AI.
  • If you are working with multiple layers of footage, make sure that all layers have been selected before applying the upscale effect.
  • It is important to note that upscaling a video can result in a loss of quality, especially if the original footage is of low resolution.

Step 5: Preview Your Upscaled Video

Once you have applied the upscale effect, preview your upscaled video by clicking on the “Spacebar” key. You can also adjust the playback settings to suit your needs.


In this tutorial, we have shown you how to upscale video quality in After Effects. By following these steps, you can improve the visual quality of your footage and make it look more professional.

Remember that upscaling a video can result in a loss of quality, so it is important to use this technique carefully and only when necessary. With practice and experimentation, you can master the art of upscaling videos in After Effects and take your video editing skills to the next level.