How Do I Upload a Video From My Camera Roll to Google Drive?

Uploading a video from your camera roll to Google Drive is a straightforward process. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the necessary steps to upload your video to Google Drive.

Step 1: Open Google Drive
Firstly, open your Google Drive account by visiting and signing in with your Google credentials.

Step 2: Create a New Folder (Optional)
If you want to upload the video to a new folder, create one by clicking on the “New” button on the top left corner of the page and selecting “Folder.” Give your folder a name and click “Create.”

Step 3: Click on “New”
Next, click on the “New” button located at the top left corner of the page. A dropdown menu will appear.

Step 4: Select “File Upload”
From the dropdown menu, select “File Upload.” A file explorer window will pop up.

Step 5: Choose Your Video
Navigate through your file system and select the video you wish to upload. Once you have selected it, click “Open.”

Step 6: Monitor Upload Status
The video will start uploading automatically, and you can monitor its progress by looking at the status bar on your screen.

  • Note: The time it takes for the video to upload depends on its size and your internet connection speed.

Step 7: Verify Upload Success
After completing the upload process, verify that your video has been uploaded successfully by checking for it in either your recent files or inside any folder that you might have created earlier.

Tips for Successful Video Uploads

Compress Large Videos Before Uploading:

Videos that are too large may take longer to upload and could also hog your internet connection, causing other activities on your computer or mobile device to slow down. To prevent this from happening, it’s advisable to compress the video before uploading it. There are various online tools available that can help you do this, such as Handbrake and CloudConvert.

Use a Stable Internet Connection:

A stable internet connection is vital for successful video uploads. If your connection is unstable, the upload process may be interrupted, leading to an incomplete upload or even a corrupted file. Make sure you have a reliable and fast internet connection before uploading any video.

Keep Your Google Drive Account Up-to-Date:

Google frequently updates its platform, so it’s essential to keep your Google Drive account up-to-date by downloading the latest version of the app if you’re using it on a mobile device or updating your browser if using Google Drive on a computer.


Uploading videos from your camera roll to Google Drive can be done in just a few steps. By following the above instructions and tips, you can ensure that your videos are uploaded successfully and efficiently. With Google Drive’s cloud storage capabilities, you’ll have access to all of your uploaded videos from anywhere in the world at any time.