How Do I Switch iPhone Camera to Video?

If you’re new to the iPhone camera, you might be wondering how to switch from taking photos to shooting videos. Don’t worry, it’s easy! In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Open the Camera App

The first thing you need to do is open the Camera app on your iPhone. You can do this by tapping on the camera icon located on your home screen.

Step 2: Switch to Video Mode

Once you have opened the Camera app, you will see several options at the bottom of your screen. Among them will be “Photo” and “Video”. To switch to video mode, simply swipe left until you see “Video” highlighted in yellow.


If your iPhone is set to take Live Photos, then you’ll see an additional option called “Live” next to “Photo” and “Video.” If that’s the case, make sure to swipe left until “Video” is highlighted.

Step 3: Start Recording

Now that you’re in video mode, it’s time to start recording. To do this, simply tap on the red record button located at the bottom center of your screen. You can stop recording by tapping on the same button once more.

While recording a video, if you want to take a photo instead, simply tap on the white circle located next to the record button. This will capture a still image while still recording your video.

Step 4: Adjust Settings (Optional)

Before or during recording a video, you can adjust settings such as zooming in or out and turning on/off flash by tapping on their respective icons located at the top of your screen.


Switching from photo mode to video mode on your iPhone camera is a breeze. Just open the Camera app, swipe left to select “Video,” and start recording by tapping on the red button.

Don’t forget that you can adjust settings like zoom and flash while recording. Happy shooting!