How Do I Share a Video With Good Quality?

Sharing videos has become a common practice in today’s world where social media platforms and messaging apps have provided us with the ease to share our memories with our loved ones. However, it is essential to ensure that the quality of the video we share is good so that the viewer can fully enjoy and appreciate it. Here are some tips on how to share a video with good quality.

Use a Good Camera

The first and foremost step towards ensuring good quality of your video is using a good camera. A high-quality camera will produce high-resolution videos, making the content more visually appealing. If you are recording videos on your phone, make sure you use a phone with an excellent camera or invest in a separate camera for recording videos.

Choose Appropriate Resolution

The resolution of your video plays an essential role in determining its quality. Higher resolution translates into better quality, but it also means larger file size, which may be difficult to share over social media platforms or messaging apps.

Therefore, it is essential to choose an appropriate resolution that balances both factors. For instance, 1080p or 720p resolutions are ideal for sharing videos online.

Avoid Shaky Footage

Shaky footage can ruin even the highest-quality videos. Therefore, avoid filming while holding the camera in your hands as much as possible because it can lead to shaky footage. Instead, use a tripod or stabilizer for smoother footage.

Keep Lighting in Mind

Lighting plays a significant role in enhancing the overall quality of your video. Poor lighting can make even high-quality footage appear dull and unimpressive. Therefore, ensure that you are filming in well-lit areas or use artificial lighting if necessary.

Choose Appropriate File Format

Choosing an appropriate file format is crucial when sharing videos online because different platforms support different file formats. MP4 is the most widely supported format, making it an ideal choice for sharing videos over social media platforms or messaging apps.

Reduce File Size

If the video file size is too large, it may be challenging to share over social media or messaging apps. Therefore, reducing the file size can make it easier to share while also maintaining good quality. You can compress the video using software like Handbrake or Online Video Compressor.


In conclusion, sharing a video with good quality requires attention to several factors such as camera quality, resolution, lighting, and file format. By keeping these tips in mind and following them carefully, you can ensure that your videos are visually appealing and enjoyable for your audience. Happy sharing!