How Do I Save a Video to Camera Roll?

Have you ever come across a video online that you really liked and wanted to save it to your camera roll? It could be a tutorial, a funny clip, or even a heartwarming moment that you want to keep and watch later.

Whatever the reason may be, saving videos to your camera roll has become an essential feature for all smartphone users. In this article, we will guide you through the process of saving videos to your camera roll with simple steps.

Step 1: Find the video you want to save
The first step is finding the video that you want to save. It could be on any platform – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Once you have found the video, open it and make sure it is fully loaded before proceeding.

Step 2: Copy the link of the video
After opening the video, find and click on the share button. This will give you multiple options such as sharing it on social media platforms or copying the link. Click on ‘Copy Link’ and wait for it to copy.

Step 3: Open a Video Downloader App
Now that you have copied the link of the video, open a video downloader app such as ‘Documents by Readdle,’ ‘Video Saver Pro,’ or ‘Video Downloader Pro.’ These apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Step 4: Paste the Link
After opening a downloader app of your choice, find and click on ‘Paste Link’ option which will immediately paste your copied link into downloader app.

Step 5: Download Video
Click on download button after pasting link in downloader app which usually appears as an arrow pointing downwards or sometimes as “Download” text itself. After clicking download button wait until download is completed.

Step 6: Save Video to Camera Roll
Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded video, and you will see an option to save it directly to your camera roll. Click on ‘Save Video,’ and it will be saved to your camera roll.


Saving videos to your camera roll has become an essential feature for all smartphone users. With these simple steps, you can now save any video that you like and watch it later without any internet connection.

Just remember not to infringe any copyright laws by downloading unauthorized videos. Happy downloading!