How Do I Retrieve Video From the Interior Facing Camera?

If you have an interior facing camera installed in your vehicle, it can be a valuable tool for security and monitoring purposes. However, retrieving video from the camera may not be as straightforward as you think. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps to retrieve video from your interior facing camera.

Step 1: Locate the Camera

The first step in retrieving video from your interior facing camera is to locate the camera itself. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the camera may be located in different places. Some common locations include:

  • Mounted on the rearview mirror
  • Embedded in the headliner
  • Mounted on the dashboard

Once you have located the camera, you can move on to step two.

Step 2: Remove the Memory Card

Most interior facing cameras record video onto a memory card. To retrieve the video, you’ll need to remove this memory card from the camera. The location of the memory card slot will vary depending on your specific camera model.

Once you’ve located the memory card slot, gently remove the memory card and insert it into a card reader.

Step 3: Connect Card Reader to Computer

Now that you’ve removed the memory card from your interior facing camera, it’s time to connect it to your computer using a card reader. A card reader is a small device that allows you to read data from various types of memory cards.

Connect your card reader to your computer using a USB cable and insert the memory card into the appropriate slot on your card reader.

Step 4: Locate Video Files

Once you’ve connected your memory card to your computer via a card reader, navigate to its file folder using File Explorer or Finder. Look for files with extensions such as .avi, .mp4, or .mov. These are video files that your interior facing camera has recorded.

Step 5: Play the Video Files

Now that you’ve located the video files, you can play them using your preferred media player. Simply double-click on the video file to open it in your media player.

If you have trouble playing the video files, try installing a codec pack or updating your media player to ensure compatibility with the file format.


Retrieving video from your interior facing camera may seem complicated at first, but with these steps, it’s actually quite simple. Just locate the camera, remove the memory card, connect it to your computer via a card reader, locate the video files and play them using a media player of your choice. With these steps, you’ll be able to retrieve and review footage from your interior facing camera with ease.