How Do I Restore the Quality of a Video on My iPhone?

If you’ve ever recorded a video on your iPhone and noticed that the quality isn’t as good as you expected, don’t worry! There are a few things you can do to restore the quality of your video. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Check Your Settings

The first thing you should do is check your camera settings.

Open up the camera app on your iPhone and tap on the “Settings” icon in the upper left-hand corner. Make sure that the “Record Video” option is set to the highest quality available. This will ensure that your videos are recorded in the best possible quality.

2. Use a Third-Party App

If you’ve already recorded a video and it didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped, there are plenty of third-party apps available that can help improve video quality.

One popular app is called VideoGrade. It allows you to adjust things like brightness, contrast, saturation, and more to improve the look of your videos.

3. Edit Your Video

Another way to improve the quality of your video is to edit it using iMovie or another video editing app. You can use these apps to trim out any unwanted footage, add music or sound effects, and adjust settings like brightness and contrast.

4. Transfer Your Video to Your Computer

If none of these options work for you, try transferring your video from your iPhone onto your computer and using editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. These programs offer more advanced editing tools than what’s available on your iPhone, so you’ll have more control over things like color correction and audio levels.


Improving the quality of a video on an iPhone may seem daunting at first, but with these tips, it’s definitely doable. Remember to check your camera settings, use a third-party app, edit your video, or transfer it to your computer for more advanced editing. With a little patience and some experimentation, you can turn that low-quality video into something you’re proud to share with others!