How Do I Reduce Video File Size but Keep Quality?

Are you struggling to upload your videos online due to their large file sizes? Fret not! In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to reduce video file size without compromising its quality.

1. Use Video Compression Software

The most effective way to reduce video file size is by using compression software. These programs work by compressing the video’s data, thus reducing its overall size without affecting the quality.

There are numerous options available online, both free and paid. Some of the popular ones include Handbrake, VLC Media Player, and Any Video Converter.

2. Lower the Video Resolution

Another method of reducing video file size is by lowering its resolution. The resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the image on screen.

The higher the resolution, the larger the file size. Therefore, reducing it can significantly decrease the video’s size without sacrificing much quality.

Steps to lower video resolution:

  • Open your video editing software.
  • Select your video.
  • Click on “Export” or “Save As.”
  • Select a lower resolution option.
  • Save your newly compressed video.

3. Adjust Video Bitrate

Bitrate refers to how much data is being used for each second of footage in a video. The higher the bitrate, the better quality but also larger file size. By adjusting the bitrate, you can reduce a video’s size while still maintaining good quality.

Steps to adjust bitrate:

  • Open your video editing software.
  • Navigate to “Export” or “Save As.”
  • Select a lower bitrate option.

4. Trim the Video

Sometimes, a video may contain unnecessary footage that can be removed to reduce its size. Trimming the video can also help in reducing its size while keeping the quality intact.

Steps to trim a video:

  • Open your video editing software.
  • Cut out the unwanted sections of the footage.
  • Save your newly trimmed and compressed video.


Reducing video file size while maintaining good quality is essential for uploading online. By using compression software, lowering resolution, adjusting bitrate, and trimming footage, you can effectively reduce the size of your videos without sacrificing their quality.