How Do I Record Video With My Drone Camera?

If you own a drone camera, then you might be wondering how to record videos from it. Recording videos is one of the primary functions of a drone camera, and it is essential to know how to do it correctly. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of recording videos with your drone camera.

Step 1: Check if Your Drone Camera Has Video Recording Capability

Before you start recording a video, make sure that your drone camera has video recording capability. Most modern drones come with the ability to record videos, but some models may not have this feature.

Step 2: Check Your Drone Camera Settings

Once you have confirmed that your drone has video recording capability, check the settings on your camera. You can usually access the settings by connecting your drone to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Frame Rate and Resolution

The two most important settings for video recording are frame rate and resolution. The frame rate determines how many frames per second (fps) are captured in the video, while resolution determines the quality of the video.

Exposure and White Balance

Exposure and white balance are other essential settings that affect the quality of your video. Exposure controls how much light enters the camera lens while white balance adjusts color temperature.

Step 3: Takeoff and Position Your Drone

Now that you have checked your camera’s settings, take off with your drone and position it where you want to start recording your video from. Make sure that there are no obstacles in the way that could interfere with your shot.

Step 4: Start Recording

To start recording a video, locate the record button on your controller or smartphone app. Pressing this button will start and stop recording.

Tips for Good Footage

To capture good footage, follow these tips:

  • Keep the drone steady by using the controller to adjust altitude, pitch, and yaw.
  • Use slow and steady movements to avoid jerky footage.
  • Capture different angles by moving the drone around.
  • Avoid flying too high or too far away from your subject as it will reduce video quality.

Step 5: Stop Recording and Land Your Drone

Once you have captured your desired footage, stop recording by pressing the record button again. Then safely land your drone.


Recording videos with your drone camera is an exciting experience. By following these steps and tips, you can capture high-quality footage that you can be proud of.

Remember to always check your camera settings before takeoff and keep a steady hand to avoid jerky footage. With practice, you can become a skilled drone videographer!