How Do I Record Video From My iPhone With My Mac Camera?

Are you wondering how to record video from your iPhone with your Mac camera? Look no further! In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to easily record a video from your iPhone using your Mac camera.

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone to Your Mac

The first step is to connect your iPhone to your Mac using a lightning cable. Make sure that you trust the computer and allow it to access your device.

Step 2: Launch QuickTime Player

Next, launch QuickTime Player on your Mac. You can find it in the Applications folder or by using Spotlight search.

Step 3: Select New Movie Recording

From the QuickTime Player menu, select “File” and then choose “New Movie Recording.”

Step 4: Choose Your iPhone as the Camera

In the new movie recording window, click on the arrow next to the record button. Select “iPhone” as the Camera and “iPhone” as the Microphone.

Step 5: Adjust Settings as Necessary

You can adjust settings such as brightness, contrast, and volume levels by clicking on the small arrow next to the record button again and selecting “Settings.”


  • Make sure that there is enough light in your recording area.
  • Use a tripod or stand for stability.
  • Make sure that your iPhone is not on silent mode.

Step 6: Start Recording!

Once you have adjusted all of the necessary settings, you can start recording by clicking on the red record button in QuickTime Player.


  • You may want to do a test recording before starting your actual video.
  • Make sure that your iPhone is in landscape mode for optimal recording quality.
  • Use the timer function to give yourself time to get into position before recording starts.

Step 7: Stop Recording and Save

When you are finished recording, simply click on the stop button in QuickTime Player. You can then save your video by selecting “File” and then “Save.”


  • Edit your video using iMovie or another editing software for a more polished final product.
  • Consider adding captions or subtitles to make your video more accessible.

And that’s it! You now know how to record video from your iPhone with your Mac camera. Happy filming!