How Do I Make a Video Low Quality in Premiere Pro?

If you’re looking to make a video low quality in Premiere Pro, there are a few steps you can take to achieve this effect. Whether you’re trying to create a retro look or simply want to reduce the file size of your video, lowering the quality can be an effective option. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of making a video low quality in Premiere Pro.

Step 1: Import Your Video

The first step is to import your video into Premiere Pro. To do this, simply select “File” > “Import” and then choose the video file from your computer.

Step 2: Drag and Drop Your Video

Once you’ve imported your video, drag and drop it onto the timeline in Premiere Pro. This will create a new sequence that contains your video.

Step 3: Open the Effects Control Panel

Next, open the Effects Control panel by selecting “Window” > “Effects Control”. This panel will allow you to adjust various settings for your video.

Step 4: Adjust the Bitrate Settings

To make your video low quality, one of the easiest ways is to adjust its bitrate settings. Bitrate refers to the amount of data that is used to store each second of your video. Lowering it will reduce the overall quality of your video.

To adjust the bitrate settings, scroll down in the Effects Control panel until you see “Bitrate Settings”. From here, lower the Target bitrate and maximum bitrate as desired. Keep in mind that lower bitrates will result in lower quality videos but also smaller file sizes.

Step 5: Add Noise

Another way to make your video low quality is by adding noise or grain effect. This effect simulates old film grain or VHS tape distortion and can add a vintage feel to your video.

To add noise, go to the Effects panel and search for “Noise”. Drag and drop the effect onto your video clip. From there, adjust the settings until you achieve the desired look.

Step 6: Export Your Video

Once you’re happy with your low-quality video, it’s time to export it. To do this, select “File” > “Export” > “Media”. From here, you can choose your export settings and save the video file to your computer.


Making a video low quality in Premiere Pro is a simple process that can add an interesting effect to your footage. By adjusting the bitrate settings or adding noise effects, you can reduce the quality of your video while still creating an engaging visual experience. Try experimenting with these techniques to find the perfect low-quality look for your next project.