How Do I Increase Video Quality on Facebook?

Are you tired of uploading videos to Facebook only to find out that the quality is not up to par? Don’t worry, there are several ways you can increase the video quality on Facebook. In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how to do just that.

Upload High-Quality Videos

The first and most important step is to upload a high-quality video. Make sure your video is at least 720p or higher resolution.

You can also choose to upload in 1080p if your video is in that resolution. Videos with higher resolutions tend to have better quality and clarity.

Use Editing Software

Another way to increase the quality of your video is by using editing software. You can edit your video before uploading it to Facebook, which allows you to enhance its quality.

There are several editing software options available, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. These programs offer various tools and features that help improve the overall quality of your video.

Choose the Right Format

When uploading a video on Facebook, it’s important to choose the right format. MP4 is a widely accepted format for online videos and provides good quality without taking up too much space. Other formats such as AVI or WMV may not be supported by Facebook or may lead to lower quality videos.

Optimize Video Settings

Facebook offers various settings that allow you to optimize your videos for better quality. When uploading a video, click on “Advanced” settings and select “Optimize for HD.” This setting ensures that your video plays in high definition whenever possible.

You can also adjust the bit rate settings for your videos in order to achieve better quality. A higher bit rate means more data per second in your video stream, resulting in better picture quality but also larger file sizes.


In conclusion, there are several ways to increase the video quality on Facebook. Start by uploading high-quality videos and consider using editing software to enhance your videos.

Choose the right format and optimize your video settings for better quality. By following these steps, you’ll be able to upload high-quality videos that will stand out on Facebook and engage your audience.