How Do I Increase the Quality of a Video in Google Pixels?

Are you struggling with low-quality videos on your Google Pixel device? Do you want to enhance the quality of your videos to make them sharper and more professional-looking?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will guide you through some simple steps that can help you increase the quality of a video in Google Pixels.

Step 1: Record in High-Resolution

The first step in getting a high-quality video is to record it in high-resolution. To do this, open your camera app and tap on the settings icon.

From there, select Video resolution and choose the highest available option. This will ensure that your video is recorded in the best possible quality.

Step 2: Use Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential for creating a high-quality video. Make sure that you are recording in a well-lit area with plenty of natural light or artificial light sources. Avoid shooting in low-light conditions as this can result in grainy and blurry footage.

Step 3: Stabilize Your Camera

Shaky footage not only looks unprofessional but also reduces the overall quality of your video. To avoid this, make sure that your camera is steady while recording. You can use a tripod or hold your phone with both hands to keep it stable.

Step 4: Edit Your Video

Once you have recorded your video, it’s time to edit it to further enhance its quality. You can use various editing apps available on Google Play Store like Adobe Premiere Rush or PowerDirector which can help you add effects, trim clips, adjust brightness/contrast, etc.

Additional Tips:

  • Use External Microphone: Using an external microphone can improve audio clarity and overall sound quality.
  • Avoid Digital Zoom: Digital zoom can reduce the quality of your video, avoid using it and instead move closer to your subject.
  • Use Slow Motion: Using slow-motion can give a cinematic feel to your video and create an overall better viewing experience.
  • Export in High-Quality: Finally, when exporting your video, make sure that you choose the highest possible quality settings to ensure that your video looks great across all devices.


By following these simple steps, you can significantly enhance the quality of your videos on Google Pixels. With good lighting, stable camera, and careful editing, you can create high-quality videos that look professional and engaging. So go ahead and try these tips today to take your video content to the next level!