How Do I Improve Video Quality on Zoom?

If you’ve been using video conferencing platforms like Zoom for work or personal meetings, you know the importance of having good video quality. Poor video quality can be frustrating and make it difficult to communicate effectively. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to improve the video quality on Zoom.

Check Your Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons for poor video quality is a weak internet connection. To ensure a stable internet connection, try connecting your device directly to your modem or router with an Ethernet cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi. You can also try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router or restarting your modem.

Adjust Video Settings

Zoom allows you to adjust your video settings to optimize the quality based on your internet speed and computer capabilities. To do so:

  • Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of Zoom.
  • Select Video from the left-hand menu.
  • Under My Video, check Enable HD if available.
  • If you have a low bandwidth connection, uncheck Enable HD.
  • Underneath that, select Touch up my appearance if desired.
  • You can also test your video settings by clicking on the Test Video button.

Lighting and Background

Another factor that can affect video quality is lighting and background. Make sure that you are well-lit from the front with natural or bright indoor lighting.

Avoid having any light source behind you as it can create a Silhouette effect. Additionally, choose a plain and clutter-free background to avoid distractions during the call.

Clean Camera Lens

A dirty camera lens can also cause blurry or hazy images. Clean your camera lens before starting a Zoom call with a soft cloth to ensure clear video quality.

Upgrade Your Camera and Microphone

If the above tips don’t help, you may need to upgrade your camera or microphone. Invest in a high-quality webcam or external microphone for better video and audio quality during Zoom meetings.


By following these tips, you can improve the video quality on Zoom and have a more productive and enjoyable virtual meeting experience. Remember to test your settings before starting a call and make sure that you are well-lit with a clean camera lens and appropriate background. With these tricks, you can ensure that your video calls are efficient, effective, and professional.