How Do I Improve Video Quality on Apple TV?

Apple TV is a fantastic device that lets you stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and more on your television. However, sometimes the video quality may not be up to your expectations. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to improve the video quality on Apple TV using some simple steps.

Step 1: Check Your Internet Speed

If the video quality on your Apple TV is blurry or pixelated, it could be due to slow internet speed. To check your internet speed, go to the Settings app on your Apple TV and select “Network.”

Then select “Test Network Speed.” If your internet speed is too slow, try resetting your router or contacting your internet service provider.

Step 2: Adjust Your Video Quality Settings

If you’re streaming content from an app like Netflix or Hulu, you may be able to adjust the video quality settings within the app. Look for options like “Video Quality” or “Streaming Quality” in the app’s settings menu. You can also adjust the video quality settings in iTunes by going to Preferences > Playback and selecting a higher resolution option.

Step 3: Use an HDMI Cable

If you’re using a wireless connection between your Apple TV and television, you may experience lower video quality compared to using an HDMI cable. A wired connection can provide a more stable and reliable signal for better video quality.

Step 4: Restart Your Apple TV

Sometimes simply restarting your Apple TV can solve any issues with video quality. To restart your device, go to Settings > System > Restart.

Step 5: Update Your Software

Make sure that you have the latest software updates installed on your Apple TV. To check for updates, go to Settings > System > Software Updates. If there is an update available, follow the prompts to download and install it.


By following these simple steps, you can improve the video quality on your Apple TV and enjoy your favorite shows and movies in high definition. Remember to check your internet speed, adjust your video quality settings, use an HDMI cable, restart your device, and update your software regularly. With these tips in mind, you can enhance your viewing experience on Apple TV.