How Do I Get Video on My iPhone Camera?

Are you wondering how to get video on your iPhone camera? Look no further as we have got you covered. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of recording videos on your iPhone camera.

Step 1: Open your Camera app

The first step to record a video on your iPhone is to open the Camera app. You can easily access the Camera app from the home screen of your iPhone. Just tap on the Camera icon and you’re ready to go.

Step 2: Switch to Video mode

Once you have opened the Camera app, swipe left or right until you reach the “Video” mode. You will see different modes such as “Photo,” “Portrait,” “Pano,” etc., but for recording a video, make sure that you have selected the “Video” mode.

Step 3: Start Recording

To start recording, simply tap on the red button located at the bottom center of your screen. You will see a timer on your screen indicating how long you have been recording. To stop recording, tap on the red button again.

Pro Tip:

If you want to take a still photo while recording a video, just tap on the white button located next to the red button while recording. This will capture a photo without stopping your video.

Step 4: Review and Edit Your Video

After recording, you can review and edit your video by tapping on it in the camera roll. You can trim your video by moving the sliders at both ends of the timeline or add filters by tapping on the three circles icon in the top right corner.

Pro Tip:

You can also use third-party apps like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Rush for more advanced editing options.


Recording a video on your iPhone camera is as easy as 1-2-3. With just a few taps, you can record high-quality videos that you can edit and share with your friends and family. So, next time you want to capture a memorable moment, open your Camera app and start recording!