How Do I Get Over My Fear of Watching a Scary Movie?

Are you someone who is easily frightened by scary movies? Do you avoid watching them altogether because of the fear they evoke in you? If you answered yes to both these questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with the fear of watching scary movies, and it’s entirely understandable. However, there are ways to overcome this fear and enjoy a thrilling movie experience. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips on how to get over your fear of watching scary movies.

Understand Your Fear

The first step in getting over your fear of watching scary movies is to understand what causes it. Fear is a natural response to danger or threat, and it’s our body’s way of protecting us.

When we watch a scary movie, our mind perceives it as a potential threat even though we know it’s not real. As a result, our body goes into fight or flight mode, causing physical symptoms like increased heart rate, sweating, and anxiety.

Expose Yourself Gradually

One effective way to overcome your fear of watching scary movies is by exposing yourself gradually. Start with less intense horror movies and work your way up gradually. Begin with movies that have a low scare factor and gradually increase it until you can tolerate more intense ones.

Watch with Friends

Watching scary movies with friends can make the experience less intimidating and more enjoyable. You can share your fears with them and have someone to hold onto during the most terrifying scenes. Watching in a group also helps distract from individual fears and makes the experience less intense.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before watching a scary movie, prepare yourself mentally by reminding yourself that what you’re about to watch isn’t real. Repeat positive affirmations like ‘I can handle this’ or ‘I am safe.’ Take deep breaths to calm any physical symptoms of fear.

Use Distractions

When watching a scary movie, use distractions to take your mind off the fear. You can have a snack or drink nearby, or even knit or crochet while watching. Focusing on other activities can help reduce anxiety and make the experience more comfortable.


In conclusion, overcoming your fear of watching scary movies requires patience, perseverance, and understanding. Gradual exposure, watching with friends, mental preparation, and using distractions are all effective ways to conquer your fear and enjoy a thrilling movie experience.

Remember that it’s okay to take breaks or stop watching if you’re feeling too overwhelmed. With time and practice, you’ll be able to watch even the scariest movies without feeling afraid.