How Do I Fix Video Lag Editing?

Are you tired of dealing with video lag while editing your videos? Video lag can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when you have a deadline to meet.

However, there are several solutions that can help you fix video lag editing. In this article, we’ll discuss some effective ways to solve this problem.

Check Your Hardware

One of the main reasons for video lag editing is the lack of hardware support. If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for the editing software you’re using, it can cause video lag. Therefore, it’s essential to check your hardware specifications before starting any editing work.

Upgrade Your RAM

If you’re experiencing video lag while editing large files or high-resolution videos, upgrading your RAM can help solve the problem. With more RAM, your computer can handle larger files and data more efficiently. You can check your computer’s RAM by going to ‘System Information’ on Windows or ‘About This Mac’ on macOS.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card

Your graphics card is responsible for rendering visuals on your screen. If your graphics card is outdated or doesn’t meet the software requirements for editing videos, it can cause video lag. Therefore, upgrading your graphics card can improve performance significantly.

Optimize Your Editing Software Settings

Another way to fix video lag editing is by optimizing your software settings. You can adjust various settings in your editing software to improve performance and reduce video lag.

Lower Playback Resolution

Reducing playback resolution in your editing software can improve performance when working with high-resolution videos or large files. This reduces the workload on your computer and allows it to handle data more efficiently.

Turn Off Effects

Effects like color grading, motion graphics, and transitions require a lot of processing power from your computer. Turning off these effects while editing can help reduce video lag. You can always turn them back on once you’re done with the editing work.

Use Proxy Editing

Proxy editing is another solution that can help fix video lag while editing. It involves creating a lower resolution version of your video files for editing purposes, which reduces the workload on your computer. Once you’re done with the editing work, you can switch back to the original high-resolution files.


In conclusion, video lag while editing can be frustrating, but it’s not an unsolvable problem. By checking your hardware specifications and optimizing your software settings, you can significantly improve performance and reduce video lag.

Remember to upgrade your RAM or graphics card if necessary and use proxy editing when working with high-resolution videos or large files. With these solutions in mind, you’ll be able to edit videos seamlessly without any interruptions!