How Do I Fix the Quality of a Video on My Phone?

If you have ever recorded a video on your phone, you know how frustrating it can be when the quality is not up to par. Blurry images, shaky footage, and poor lighting can all contribute to a low-quality video. But fear not, there are several ways you can fix the quality of a video on your phone.

1. Clean Your Camera Lens

One of the most common reasons for poor quality videos is a dirty camera lens. Over time, dirt and fingerprints can accumulate on the lens, causing the image to appear blurry or hazy. To fix this issue, simply use a soft cloth or lens cleaning solution to gently wipe the lens clean.

2. Improve Lighting

Lighting is another critical factor that affects video quality. If your footage is too dark or too bright, it can be challenging to see what’s going on in the video clearly. To improve lighting in your videos:

  • Shoot in well-lit areas: Try to record your videos in brightly lit areas with natural light if possible.
  • Avoid backlighting: Make sure that the light source is behind you and not behind the subject you are recording.
  • Use artificial lighting: If natural light isn’t available, consider using artificial lighting sources such as lamps or ring lights.

3. Stabilize Your Phone

Shaky footage can make even the best-quality videos look amateurish. To stabilize your phone while recording:

  • Use a tripod: A tripod will keep your phone steady while recording and allow for smooth panning shots.
  • Hold with both hands: Hold your phone with both hands close to your body for added stability.
  • Avoid sudden movements: Try not to move too quickly or abruptly while recording your video.

4. Edit Your Video

After recording your video, you can use editing software to enhance its quality. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Crop and zoom: Crop out any unwanted parts of the video, and zoom in on the subject to make it more prominent.
  • Adjust brightness and contrast: Increase or decrease the brightness and contrast levels to make the video more visually appealing.
  • Add filters: Apply filters to your video to change its color tone and mood.


In conclusion, fixing the quality of a video on your phone is not as difficult as it may seem. By following these simple steps, you can improve the lighting, stability, and overall quality of your videos. Remember to clean your camera lens regularly, stabilize your phone while recording, and edit your footage for a visually engaging final product.