How Do I Export High Quality Video in Premiere?

Are you tired of exporting low quality videos from Adobe Premiere Pro? Do you want your videos to look sharp and professional?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to export high quality videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 1: Select the Appropriate Sequence Settings

Before exporting your video, it’s important to make sure that your sequence settings are appropriate. You can do this by going to File > New > Sequence. In the New Sequence window, select the appropriate settings such as frame rate, resolution, and aspect ratio.

Note: It’s recommended to use a resolution of at least 1080p for high quality videos.

Step 2: Choose the Right Export Settings

Once you have edited your video and are ready to export it, go to File > Export > Media. This will open up the Export Settings window where you can choose the appropriate format and settings for your video.

For high quality videos, it’s recommended to use the H.264 codec with a bitrate of at least 10Mbps. You can also select a higher bitrate if needed.

Note: Be careful not to use an excessively high bitrate as it may result in a larger file size without any significant improvement in video quality.

Step 3: Adjust Video Settings

In addition to selecting the appropriate codec and bitrate, there are several other video settings that you can adjust for optimal video quality. These include:

– Frame size: Make sure that your frame size matches your sequence settings. – Field Order: Select “Progressive” if possible.

– Profile and Level: Use “High” profile and “5.1” level for best results. – Bit Depth: Use “8-bit” for most videos unless you need a higher bit depth for specific purposes.

Step 4: Audio Settings

In addition to video settings, it’s important to also adjust audio settings for optimal quality. Here are a few tips:

– Sample Rate: Use 48kHz for best results.
– Bitrate: Use a bitrate of at least 256kbps.
– Channels: Use stereo or 5.1 surround sound if available.

Step 5: Export Your Video

Once you have adjusted all the settings, click on the Export button to start exporting your high quality video. Depending on the length of your video and the settings you have selected, this process may take some time.

Note: It’s recommended to export your video in its original resolution and then downscale it if needed for specific platforms.


Exporting high quality videos in Adobe Premiere Pro is not difficult if you follow these simple steps. By selecting appropriate sequence settings, choosing the right export settings, adjusting video and audio settings, and exporting your video, you can create stunning videos that will impress your audience.