How Do I Enable Video Camera on Chrome?

Are you having trouble enabling your video camera on Chrome? This can be a common issue for many users, but luckily it’s an easy fix. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to enable the video camera on Chrome.

Step 1: Check Your Camera Permissions

The first thing you need to do is check your camera permissions. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Chrome and click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and click on “Privacy and security”.
  • Select “Site settings”.
  • Scroll down and select “Camera”.
  • Make sure that the toggle switch next to “Ask before accessing (recommended)” is turned on.

Step 2: Allow Camera Access for Specific Sites

Now that you’ve enabled camera permissions, it’s time to allow access for specific sites. Here’s how:

  • Go back to “Site settings” and select “Camera” again.
  • You should see a list of websites that have requested access to your camera. If you don’t see the website you want to use your camera on, click on “Add” and enter the website URL.
  • Select the website from the list and make sure that the toggle switch next to it is turned on.
  • You should now be able to use your video camera on that website.

Step 3: Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re still having trouble enabling your video camera, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure that your camera is properly connected and turned on.
  • Check that your camera drivers are up to date.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies.
  • If you’re using an external camera, try unplugging it and plugging it back in.


Enabling your video camera on Chrome is a simple process. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to use your camera on any website that requires it.

Remember to also troubleshoot if you’re still having issues. Good luck!