How Do I Change Video Quality in iMovie?

Are you struggling to figure out how to change video quality in iMovie? Look no further, as we have the solution for you. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps required to change the video quality in iMovie.

What is iMovie?

For those who are new to iMovie, it is a video editing software application developed by Apple Inc. It allows users to create and edit videos on macOS and iOS devices. The software is intuitive and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want to create professional-looking videos.

Why Change Video Quality in iMovie?

Before we dive into the steps required to change video quality in iMovie, let’s first understand why one would want to do this. There are several reasons why you might need to alter the video quality:

  • Reduce file size – Lowering the video quality can reduce the file size of your video. This is ideal if you want to upload your video online or share it with someone but don’t want it taking up too much storage space.
  • Improve playback – If your original video has poor resolution or other issues affecting playback, changing the quality can help improve overall viewing experience.
  • Editing purposes – Changing the quality can also be helpful for editing purposes. For example, if you’re working with a large file and your computer is struggling with playback or rendering speed, reducing the quality can help improve performance.

Steps to Change Video Quality in iMovie

Now that we have a better understanding of why one might need to change video quality let’s dive into how it’s done:

Step 1: Open your project in iMovie.

Step 2: Click on ‘File’ from the top menu bar.

Step 3: Select ‘Share’ from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Choose ‘File’ from the Share menu.

Step 5: In the next window, select ‘Resolution.’


You can also select ‘Quality’ if you want to adjust the quality settings manually. This option allows you to specify settings such as bit rate, frame rate, and codec.

Step 6: Choose the desired resolution from the list of options provided. You can select from several available resolutions based on your requirements.

Selecting a lower resolution will reduce video quality but also decrease file size, while selecting a higher resolution will increase video quality but also result in a larger file size.

Once you’ve chosen your desired resolution, click on ‘Next,’ and iMovie will export your video with the new settings. You can save this new version of your video wherever you like.

The Bottom Line

Changing video quality in iMovie is simple and straightforward. Whether you’re looking to reduce file size or improve playback quality, iMovie provides several options for adjusting your video’s quality. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to make changes with ease.