How Do I Change the Video Quality on My Canon 5D Mark III?

If you own a Canon 5D Mark III camera and are wondering how to change the video quality, you’ve come to the right place. The Canon 5D Mark III offers a variety of video quality options allowing you to record high-quality videos for your projects. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to change the video quality on your Canon 5D Mark III.

Step 1: Turn on Your Camera

Before we start, ensure that your camera is turned on and in video mode. You can switch to video mode by moving the switch located on the back of your camera towards the red icon labelled ‘movie’.

Step 2: Access Video Quality Settings

Once you’re in movie mode, press the ‘Menu’ button located near the top-left corner of your camera’s back panel. Navigate using the directional buttons to locate ‘Movie Recording Size’ option in the menu and press ‘Set’.

Step 3: Choose Your Desired Video Quality

You will now see a list of different video sizes and frame rates that your Canon 5D Mark III supports. Choose your preferred size and frame rate from this list by pressing ‘Set’.

  • 1080p: This is full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) with options for both ALL-I or IPB compression.
  • 720p: This resolution (1280 x 720) is great for slow-motion shots and also has options for ALL-I or IPB compression.
  • Cropped: This is a smaller resolution (640 x 480) that crops into the center of the sensor but provides higher frame rates than full HD.


Changing resolution changes both frame rate and bitrate. Higher resolutions and/or frame rates require more processing power and thus create larger file sizes.

Step 4: Start Recording Your Video

Once you have chosen your desired video quality, press the ‘Set’ button to save your settings. Now you can start recording your video by pressing the red ‘Record’ button located on the top-right of your camera’s back panel.

Always ensure that you have enough storage space on your memory card to record videos in high-quality. Higher quality videos require more storage space than lower quality ones.


Changing the video quality on your Canon 5D Mark III is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. By choosing the right video settings for your project, you can capture high-quality videos with ease using this amazing camera.