How Did the Wayans Brothers Lose Scary Movie?

The Wayans Brothers are known for their comedic genius and have contributed immensely to the entertainment industry. They have produced and starred in several films and TV shows that have become classics over the years. One of their most successful productions was the Scary Movie franchise, which was a parody of horror movies.

However, many people are unaware that the Wayans Brothers were not involved in all the sequels of Scary Movie and even lost control of the franchise. So, how did this happen? Let’s take a closer look.

The Beginning of Scary Movie

Scary Movie was released in 2000 and was an instant hit. The film was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans and starred his brothers Marlon, Shawn, and other members of the Wayans family. The movie made over $270 million worldwide and became one of the highest-grossing comedies ever made at that time.

Scary Movie’s success led to four sequels, but only two were produced by the Wayans Brothers. The second installment titled Scary Movie 2 was released in 2001, followed by Scary Movie 3 in 2003.

Creative Differences

The reason why the Wayans Brothers did not continue with the franchise after Scary Movie 3 is due to creative differences with Dimension Films, which produced all five films in the series. According to reports, Dimension Films wanted to take a different direction with Scary Movie and make it more commercial-friendly.

The Wayans Brothers had a different vision for the film and wanted it to remain true to its parody roots. They also wanted creative control over certain aspects of the production but were denied by Dimension Films.

Losing Control

As a result of these creative differences, the Wayans Brothers decided not to continue with Scary Movie. This decision led to them losing control of their own creation as Dimension Films continued the franchise without them.

Scary Movie 4 was released in 2006, three years after Scary Movie 3, and was directed by David Zucker. The film received mixed reviews but still managed to make over $170 million worldwide.

The final installment of the franchise, Scary Movie 5, was released in 2013 and was directed by Malcolm D. Lee. However, this film received negative reviews and was a box office disappointment.


In conclusion, the Wayans Brothers’ departure from Scary Movie was due to creative differences with Dimension Films. They wanted creative control over certain aspects of the production but were denied by the production company.

As a result, they decided not to continue with the franchise, which led to them losing control of their creation. While the remaining films in the series may have made money at the box office, they were not as successful critically as the ones produced and starred by the Wayans Brothers.

The story of how they lost Scary Movie is a cautionary tale for creatives in any industry. It’s essential to have a clear vision for your work and fight for creative control if necessary. Otherwise, you risk losing it all to someone else’s vision.