How Can I Make My Video Quality Better on WhatsApp?

Are you tired of sending low-quality videos on WhatsApp? Do your videos look pixelated and blurry?

Don’t worry, there are simple ways to improve your video quality on WhatsApp. In this article, we’ll explore some easy tips to enhance the video quality of your WhatsApp videos.

Tip 1: Record in Landscape Mode

If you’re recording a video on your phone, make sure to hold it horizontally or in landscape mode. This will help you capture a wider frame and improve the overall video quality. Vertical videos tend to have black bars on the sides and lower resolution.

Tip 2: Clean Your Camera Lens

Before recording a video, make sure to clean your camera lens. A dirty lens can affect the quality of the footage. Use a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution to clean your lens.

Tip 3: Record in Well-Lit Areas

Lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of your videos. Make sure to record in well-lit areas or use additional lighting sources like lamps or ring lights. Avoid recording in low-light conditions as this can result in grainy footage.

Tip 4: Use Third-Party Apps

WhatsApp compresses videos before sending them, which can reduce their quality. To avoid this, you can use third-party apps like Video Compressor or Video Converter to compress and send high-quality videos on WhatsApp.

Tip 5: Trim Your Videos

If you’re sending a longer video on WhatsApp, consider trimming it down to reduce its size without affecting its quality. You can use built-in editing tools on your phone or download free editing apps like InShot or iMovie.

Tip 6: Upgrade Your Phone

If all else fails, consider upgrading your phone’s camera for better video quality. The latest smartphones come with advanced camera features like optical image stabilization, 4K recording, and slow-motion capabilities that can significantly improve the quality of your videos.


Improving video quality on WhatsApp is easy if you follow these simple tips. Remember to record in landscape mode, clean your camera lens, use good lighting, consider third-party apps for compression, trim longer videos, and upgrade your phone if necessary. With these tips, you’ll be able to send high-quality videos on WhatsApp effortlessly.